As a child, I was very adventurous, filled with mischiefs, full of questions, wanted to know the mysteries of the world. Just as your child does, loved to be read to and hear about the wonders of the world? We loved to hear the stories of giants and goblins and elves and monsters and demons and serpents and the evil demon kings and also how the gods eventually always won. We read and delved in to those mysteries and learnt that honesty, purity and truth always won. We learnt, from our folklores and myths that if you want to be the king of the world, be kind, be pure, be caring and like the kings learnt to give. Give to your children, give to your family, give to those, who are in need. I welcome you to create a world like that for our children. Talk to them, read to them and take the journey together in to the mysteries of the world?