The Lexicon International School Wagholi, Pune

The Lexicon Group of Institutes, founded in 2006, is an education hub in the city of Pune, India. Established by the veteran academic visionary, Shri S. D. Sharma, The Lexicon Group is a premier group of institutes redefining education in the sectors of pre-schools, high schools, schools for special students and post-graduate management studies.

The educational institutes led by The Lexicon Group have not only been recognized as the frontiers of top schools in Pune and excellent education, but have also been identified as the leaders of developing innovative curriculum in India. Today, Lexicon has become synonymous with excellence, intelligence, hard work, value education, and high-quality education services.

The Lexicon Kids pre-schools and The Lexicon Schools are hubs of child-centric teaching and learning, where every child is given an opportunity to experience holistic growth. The Lexicon Rainbow School is a one-of-a-kind support school for special students, offering a harmo ny between therapeutic intervention and academic rigour. Lexicon Management Institute of Leadership and Excellence is a leading post-graduate institute of management studies, where students experience the wide horizon of corporate and commercial aspirations.

The Lexicon Group was founded with just 19 students in a single school building; today, The Lexicon Group is home to almost 15,000 students spread across 3 lakhs square feet of infrastructure.