Pict Model School

The cloudy summits of our time

With 30 years of legacy in creating leaders, Pune Institute of Computer Technology (PICT) now brings to you PICT Model School. This futuristic educational establishment has been meticulously designed and planned to offer one of its kind learning experience to the 21st Century learners.

Nestled in a safe and secured environment, ensuring emotional and physical protection is our priority. All children are treated equally and respected for their uniqueness. Children are trained to understand their environment intuitively and deal with situations independently.

Our classrooms are active learning hubs; wherein learners are actively engaged in exploring concepts. Learning by Doing is the Mantra at school. We are gearing up our learners to become lifelong independent learners with a love for seeking, sharing and applying knowledge in the true sense. We are looking at skill ready, employable young citizens who will walk their way through life with confidence. We are building young entrepreneurs in our learning hubs, we are opening up minds.


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