Huzurpaga Girls High School and Junior College

In pre-independence era, some eminent social reformers from Pune felt the need to educate women who constitute nearly fifty percent population of the country. They had realized that the society will not progress unless opportunity to enter formal education is extended to women. The same thought came into reality on 29th September 1884, when some like-minded reformers like Justice M. G. Ranade, R. G. Bhandarkar, Shankar Pandurang Pandit and Waman Abaji Modak came together to establish High School for Native Girls. The school commenced its activities on 2nd October 1884 in Walwekar Wada, Dane Aali in Pune. On the very first day 18 girls enrolled their names. Within just a week the number increased to 45. Since the place could not accommodate the increasing number of students, some classes were held in Kibe Wada.