The Maharashtra Education Society holds an important share. In 1860, Maharashtra Education Society, formerly called as Poona Native Institution was founded by Pioneer revolunist Vasudev Balwant Phadke, Vaman Prabhakar Bhave and L. N. Indapurkar. The great revolutionary freedom fighter Vasudev Balwant Phadke was the first secretary and treasurer of Maharashtra Education Society. Maharashtra Education Society’s Boys schools first name was ‘Poona Native Institution’. It was established before Deccan Education Society. That started at old Tapkir lane at Kibevada. MES Boys’ School or Perugate Bhave School is famous, popular school in the society. Initially the school has been started at many places like Tasgaonkar Wada, Sadashiv Peth, Dhamdhere Wada. In 1928, the school had been shifted to today’s location. Late Vitthal Sayanna had given donation to the school building. That’s why the building was named as Vitthal Sayanna building. Sadguru Narayan Maharaj Kedgaon Bet had done ‘Bhoomipoojan’ of the building. MES Bhave school had given several gems to the society. Shridhar swami was schools ideal student. There are many ideal students like writers, sports persons players, poet, businessman, government officers professors. Series of great respected students had been created by the school. So the school became very popular in Maharashtra. It is an ideal educational institute in the society.