Ahilyadevi High School for Girls

Ahilyadevi High School For Girls’,an integral part of D.E.S., with more than 77 years of experience imparting  quality education at affordable cost, was established  in Pune to extend its educational activities to the students in this region. The main goal of the school is to promote academic excellence as well as development of various skills together with house manners and discipline. Caring and safety is the motto of the school. Our school always aims at the all-round development of our students.  Since it is a girls’ school, we have to pay special attention to their health also. Our school is one of the best schools in Pune City. We take part in plenty of inter school competitions like elocution,sports, singing, dancing and drama. Our school tries to see to it that the every student gets disciplined as well as friendly atmosphere which is necessary for their growth as the futuristic citizens of India.