Pune. The Oxford of the East.

Many consider Pune as being the seat of Education and Culture, not only in Maharashtra, but in all of India. Pune has several Educational Institutions that are well over a century old. Pune carries the legacy of legends like Bal Gangadhar Tilak and Savitribai Phule, whose teachings are at the core of education in Pune. Pune truly holds a position of prestige as far as the quality of education is concerned.

Welcome to Pune School Reviews.

We started Pune School Reviews with the sole intention of helping parents find the most ideal school for their children. ‘Ideal’ is obviously subjective. Some parents may want their children to go to a school which is true to the roots of our culture, whereas some others may want a school with International exposure. Some parents may be looking out for the best School within their vicinity, whereas some others wouldn’t mind a school to be far away, as long as it meets their needs. So, there is no such thing as the ‘ideal school’ as ‘ideal’ is very personal in nature.
However, we did see a lot of parents struggling to get all possible information about different schools in order to make an informed decision. Most parents decide the school on the basis of where other children in their locality go, but what if that school is not ideal for your child? Just like every child is unique, what she or he needs from the school may also be unique. We clearly saw that there is a need for a third-party, unbiased platform to provide all possible information about schools in Pune, to help parents decide what is best for their children.
In the age of Google and Justdial, what is the of need another platform, some may ask! Well the answer to this is manifold.
  • First and foremost, these platforms are built to scale. Which means they want their audience to be as large as possible. These are too large to care about whether ‘sufficient’ and ‘right’ information is displayed on their platforms. And this can be a problem for the parents and the schools alike. We, on the other had are hyper-focussed on Pune. Therefore, we care about every piece of information showing up on our platform, and therefore we are in a position to curate false information.
  • Secondly, we stand by authenticity. We understand the culture and the vibe of Pune. We understand what the parents and the schools here want. We believe we are better equipped to deliver and curate the right information.
  • Then, we don’t intend to scale this platform to any other city. If at all scaling has to happen, it will happen only in collaboration with the locals from other cities. So our focus will always remain on Pune.
  • Finally and most importantly, we are focussed on education. Pune School Reviews has risen out of a genuine need. We believe that choosing the right school for children is the biggest decision parent take for their children, after deciding to give birth to them. Naturally, parents would like to get it right, the very first time.
When we say that we stand with the parents, it doesn’t mean that we stand against the schools. Our society will see a turnaround only when the Schools, the Parents and the Children work harmoniously with each other, appreciate each other’s roles and be empathetic about each other.

Happy Schooling!


Guidelines for Parents:

  1. We encourage parents to leave a review especially when things are going right. This gives a better perspective about the school to everybody.
  2. Avoid venting out your momentary frustration about the school. We encourage parents to provide a holistic feedback about the schools listed on this platform. It is natural human tendency to ignore when things are working out fine, but leave a negative review when something is not right. However, in this case, we expect parent to be mindful  about the review they are posting.
  3. Be respectful. Use of inappropriate words will invite action against the content.
  4. Be true. Wrong information or Fake identification will invite strict action against the users.
  5. Be genuine. In special cases, we may request the users to identify themselves to ensure that they are not spreading hate campaigns against a school. If such users refuse to identify themselves within a specific duration of time, we stand every right to remove content from such users.
  6. Do not misuse the platform in any way. We have build Pune School Reviews to be unbiased. If we find that your post violates any of our terms and conditions, we will need to take it down, without any priori intimation.
  7. Overall. To run a school needs a lot of efforts and thought process. It is a huge organisation governed by several stakeholders. It is important for the parents to approach with the assumption that ‘Every School has the best intention for their children.’ Of course, there will be some exceptions, but in the present day market, such exceptions will not survive for long. So do not try to stand against any institution.